Dirty Justin Bieber Imagine

Dedicated to tyaieraaaa235 :)


You were sitting on your couch watching Spongebob, trying to think of something more interesting to do. Just as you were about to take a nap, you get a text from your best friend, Justin.

hey, im bored, lets go to the park :) 

You smiled and sat up. 

sure! meet me at my place in 20.

You got up to start getting ready. Since it was cold out, and you knew you didn’t have to dress-to-impress, you wore grey sweatpants and a big hoodie. You threw your hair up into a messy bun, and put on some uggs. Just as you were finished getting ready, you heard singing coming from outside. You laughed, recognizing Justin’s voice. 

"(Y/NNN)," he sang. "I’m freezin’ my ass off out hereeee. Make me wait any longer I’ll shed some tears. Huurryyy uuuuuppp"

You walked out the front door, and put one hand on your hip, looking at him with raised eyebrows. 

"You’re a butt, you know that?" you said smiling, walking down the front steps. 

"I’m a sexy butt." he said, posing. You laughed and hugged him tight. He squeezed back. You’ve always had feelings for him, but you were afraid he didn’t feel the same way. Plus, you didn’t want to risk the amazing friendship you guys had. 

"Shall we?" he said. 

"We shall." you said, walking next to him. You guys chatted and laughed as you walked to the park. It seemed like you were at the park within 30 seconds. 

The park was a normal hang out place for you guys, so you both headed to your usual spot. There was a big rock that you guys always climb up and lay down to look at the sky.

You laid there quietly for a while until Justin broke the silence.

"(Y/N)?" he said quietly. 


"I need to tell you something." you sat up and looked at him. He was staring at the ground. He looked nervous. 

"What is it? Is everything okay?" you asked, scooting closer. He turned his head and his eyes met yours. They were a darker color then usual. They looked…lustful.

"(Y/N), I think I’m in love with you." he said abruptly. "And I know you probably don’t feel the same way, but I can’t hide it anymore. You’re so fucking beautiful, a-and smart, and kind and I just….I love you."

You sat there staring at him, dumbstruck. You felt the exact same way, but you were speechless. 

"God, I knew you wouldn’t feel the same way. I’m so stupid. I’m sorry, I—"

You cut him off and kissed him. Your lips moved perfectly in-sync with each others. It felt…right. You pulled away and looked him in the eyes. 

"Justin I feel the exact same way. I didn’t say anything because…" you looked down. "…Why would you want a girl like…like me?" 

He put his finger under your chin and lifted your head up. 

"Like what? Like perfect? Amazing? (Y/N), you’re one in a million, don’t forget it."

He placed his lips on yours again, closing his eyes. He felt what you felt. You could see it. When his lips touched yours, he breathed out, almost in relief. Like he’d been waiting for that moment for the longest time. Eventually, he pulled away.

"Let’s go home, yeah?" he said smiling brightly. You nodded and hopped off the rock, and headed home. 

You walked back to your house, where no one was home. Your parents were on a business trip and your sister was sleeping over her friends house. You had the whole place to yourself. 

You walked up your front steps and opened the door to your house, Justin following behind. He shut the door and you heard it lock. You turned around.

"(Y/N), I need you." he said, walking up to you quickly. He attacked your lips with his own, rougher than before. His hands snaked behind your back, pulling you closer to him. You felt him harden against you, making you smile. You pulled away.

You took his hands in yours and led him towards the stairs. He bit his lip and smiled. 

"So you need me, huh?" you said, deciding to tease him. He nodded his head vigorously. "What do you need me to do, baby?" you said in a little innocent voice. 

"Please fuck me, (Y/N). I need to be inside you." he said. You felt yourself getting wet. 

"Hmm…" you said, pretending to think about it. He groaned in annoyance and anticipation. 

"Alright." you said. 

"YES!" he shouted, scooping you up and running towards your room. You giggled as he tossed you on the bed. He got on the bed and crawled up your body, kissing your neck. You quietly moaned his name. 

"Talk dirty to me, baby…" you moaned. You felt him harden even more.

"You want me to fuck the shit out of your tight little pussy, don’t you?" he whispered in your ear. He was on top of you, grinding against your clit through your pants. You were soaking wet. "You want my big dick inside you, huh?" he whispered, biting your ear. "Beg for it."

"Oh god, Justin…you fucking tease…"

He stopped grinding suddenly. “I said,” he whispered. “Beg for it.”

"UGH Please Justin! Please get inside me! NOW!!" you said. He continued grinding against you as he pulled your shirt off of you. He unclipped your bra and threw it off, staring at your exposed chest. He looked back and forth for a while, taking in the sight. You sighed, making him realize you were waiting for him to continue.

"Sorry babe," he said. "They’re just…perfect." he said grabbing them. His warm hands on you felt amazing, and he felt the same. He closed his eyes and rubbed you. He leaned down to continue kissing your neck. He kissed down your chest and licked above the waistband to your pants. 

He pulled down your sweatpants and underwear and threw them on the floor. He blew against your clit, a smile on his face as he did so. You shuddered.

"Justtiinnn.." you moaned, annoyed. 

"Yeah babe?" he asked innocently, smiling. He was enjoying this so much. 

"Cmon!!" you whined. With that, his lips found your clit and he sucked gently. You breathed out heavily, looking for something to grab onto. Your hands found his hair.

You involuntarily pushed his face further into you, lifting up your legs and placing them on his back. 

"Oh God, yes Justin…more…" you moaned. He removed his mouth from your clit, licked his thumb, and placed it where he had just removed his mouth. He rubbed in circles on your clit making you yell out in pleasure. He then plunged his tongue into your opening and pushed in and out. 

You had never experienced this much pleasure before.

"Faster…" you managed to breath out. He moved in faster circles and began to push his tongue in deeper. With every thrust of his tongue, you became closer to the edge. "I’m so close…just…uugghh…" you said, pushing him in more. 

You came as his tongue was pushed further into you. He rubbed a few more times before pulling away, and licking up your opening one last time. 

"My turn." you said, smiling evilly. You flipped him over and looked him in the eyes. You pulled off his shirt and stared at his abs. 

"Whoa." you said, running your fingers over them. He smiled proudly. You shook your head, snapping out of your thoughts. You hooked your fingers under his jeans and stopped. You glanced up at him. He was facing the ceiling with his eyes squeezed close. He bit his bottom lip to keep from moaning. 

You kept going. You pulled off his jeans and began talking to him. 

"You know…" you said, rubbing him through his boxers slowly. "You made me feel sooo good, baby. You want me to repay you?" He moaned in response. 

You pulled down his boxers painfully slow. His dick sprang up when the boxers were out of the way, and he breathed out in relief. You took him in your hands making him choke on his breath. You slowly moved your hands up and down on his shaft, earning you another moan from him. You began to move faster. 

"Ohhhhh my God…Geez you’re so….you’re so good…uhhh.." he moaned. You stopped after about 3 minutes of pumping him. 

He groaned loudly. “Whyyy?” 

Just as he was about to keep complaining you placed your mouth on his tip and began bobbing your head up and down. His body trembled. 

"More.." he said. You pushed your head down taking in more of him. You then pushed down as far as you could go, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You then removed your mouth completely before putting all of him in once again. 

He reached down under you and found your clit, starting to rub. You moaned loudly against him sending heavy vibrations through his body, making him moan loudly and cum. 

You pulled him out of your mouth and kissed his tip one last time before going back up to kiss him. 

"Okay babe." he said. "Ready?" 

He pushed up his hips, his dick rubbing against you. He couldn’t wait. Then again, neither could you. You nodded your head.

To start, you placed his dick right in between your folds and grinded on him. You both moaned. You started humping faster. Just then, Justin flipped you both over and he pushed into you. You screamed out in pain and pleasure. Mostly pleasure. 

He slid in and out of you so easily. You were focused on the feeling, and your eyes were closed, but when you opened them, you couldn’t help but study his face. 

His eyes were closed, and his eyebrows were furrowed together. His mouth was in a perfect ‘o’, and it opened up a little wider with every thrust. He was focused on the feeling as well.

"Cmon baby…" he growled as he pushed in further. 

"Justin I’m….I’m.." 

"Go ahead baby." he whispered. "Cum for me."

With that, you came, and he came right after. He fell onto your chest and laid there, catching his breath. 

"Wow." you said, breathlessly. 



"Will you be my girl?"

You smiled. “Of course, Juss. I love you.”

"I love you more." he said, and kissed you sweetly.


Well there ya go! Sorry if it was too dirty, lol

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