Dirty Niall Horan Imagine


inspired by: niallsbaby93

“Niall, come cuddle with me.” You say longingly from the bed. Niall smiles at you from across the room and shuffles over to the bed, throwing himself on the bed. You laugh and begin to tickle him. 

“Oh no you don’t!” He half giggles half yells. “I hate being tickled! Let’s see how you like it!”
He flips you over and begins tickling you. You kick your feet and try and squirm away but his big hands are inescapable. “Okay, okay!” You say breathlessly between laughs.

“Had enough?” Niall smiles, a bit out of breath himself. You nod and cuddle closer to him, planting a kiss on his sweet lips, grinning, you whisper, “I surrender.” “Good” he laughs before adding, “Now come here and cuddle me.” You scooch closer to him and turn so he’s spooning you. Sighing in happiness you close your eyes and enjoy the enclosure of Niall’s arms.
After a few minutes, you get bored of relaxing and the silence, so you wriggle your bum a little. Niall in takes a big breath and says abruptly, “Don’t do that.” You grin and curiously ask why. “You know why” Niall says playfully back. “No I don’t”, You say back innocently, wriggling your bum again. “Stop! You’re gonna make me hard.” Niall shoots back, slapping your bum playfully. “Hmmm. Maybe I want to.” You say, turning around so you’re facing him. His blue orbs staring into yours. You scooted closer to him and pressed your hips against his, his manhood pressing against you. “Oh yeah?” He mutters, raising an eyebrow. You smile sheepishly and reply, “yeah.” You take your hand and stroke Niall through his gray sweatpants. Kissing him, you roll on top of him and beind grinding your hips against Niall’s. His penis becoming rock hard at every touch. You breath Niall’s name and he smiles.

“I like when you say my name.” he says. You grin, “I like it when you talk dirty to me.” Gripping your body Niall purred back, “Oh yeah? Well I’m gonna fuck your sweet little pussy raw.” You groan deeply, “Oh god.” Niall pushes you back on the bed and whispers, “You like that don’t you?” His lips moving away from your neck and continuing down your body, “You like it when I talk about my dick inside you, huh?” You nod and breath heavily as Niall leaves wet trails down your chest. Removing your shirt and bra, his lips pluck and nibble at your nipples, his hands beginning to un-buckle your jeans. He kisses down your stomach, tracing his tongue along your curves, “I wanna taste you.” He groans, his mouth at your waste line.

Ripping your panties away with his teeth, Niall pushes your legs apart and thrusts his face into your pussy, his nose brushing against your clit. “You taste so good, baby.” His words sending vibrations through your body as they tingle against you. You moan and say loudly, “You feel so good.” You’re unable to control yourself while his tongue plays figure 8’s inside of you.

As he pushes your flaps open with his two thumbs and sucks down on your clit, you moan, “Fuck me now, Niall!” Lifting his head from in between your legs, he grins. “You want me to fuck you hard, baby?” You whine “Yesss!” and add “now!” But Niall just grins and says maliciously, “Oh no, you won’t get that so easily. You have to earn it.”

You understand what he’s hinting and immediately roll over on top of him. Releasing his penis from his jeans, you roll it around in your hand. As it grows inside your palm, you pump furiously against his shaft. He throws his head back and groans in appreciation. You grin at how your touch drives him so crazy and mumble teasingly, “Do you want it now?” Niall’s legs begin to shake in pleasure and his eyes meets yours with his and the fierceness in his blue orbs tells you all you need to know. You position yourself over Niall’s cock and slowly put his head inside you. “More.” Niall groans, “Stop teasing!” You grin and swiftly enter Niall’s entire length into you. A moan escapes your lips as your walls enclose around Niall’s 8inch wonder. Niall’s hands fly to your hips as you begin to bounce up and down on his dick, forcing his manhood deeper inside you, “Oh god, I love your tight pussy.” He yells, your ass claps against his skin. He watches your boobs bounce as he continues to thrust in and out. You bite down on your lips to suppress any louder noises. His hands leave your hips and grab onto your breasts, pinching down on your nipples he groans, “You have perfect fucking tits. I want them in my mouth.”

Pushing you off him, Niall climbs over you, his weight shifting on top of you as he re-enters you. His penis gaining access quickly because your pussy is dripping wet. Ramming into you fast he pops one of your tits into his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it as his hard dick spears into you. As the perspiration trickles down your forehead Niall moans close to your ear, “Holy f-fuck I’m gonna cum.” You groan in response, “Yessssss Niall, keeep gooing” Finally a wave of sensation spreads through you, your mouth in an ‘O’ shape, you moan your loudest.
Breathing heavily Niall collapses on top of you. As his heart beats fast against your sticky naked body, you sigh, “Best sex ever.” Niall lifts his head and grins, “Best cuddle ever.”

Sorry guys I realize how dirty that one was. Their may be more like that though so…you’ve been warned, my friends. 

p.s sorry about any mistakes :P

:) x

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