Imagine: You catch him jerking off

Harry: You were sitting with your boyfriend Louis, giggling and cuddling with him. You got up to go to the bathroom. “No, don’t leave me, (Y/N)!” Louis said in a cute voice, grabbing your hand. The boys groaned at him, but he ignored them. “I’m just going to the bathroom, Lou! I’ll be right back” you said, kissing him again before walking to the bathroom. You approached the door and twisted the doorknob making sure it was unlocked. It was, so you figured no one was in there. You swung the door open to see Harry, hand in pants, wanking. You let out a short scream. “(Y/N)!” Harry jumped, struggling to pull his hand out of his sweatpants. ”Oh, god, sorry Harry, I didn’t know you were, geez I, uh sorry…” you stuttered, shutting the door quickly. You stood there shocked for a moment, laughing to yourself. The boys ran over to see what all the noise was. “Everything okay?” Zayn asked, seeing your red face. Just then Harry opened the bathroom door and looked at you, face flushed. “Yeah everything’s fine.” you said, looking at Harry smiling. He smiled back and hugged you. “That never happened.” you whispered before pulling away. He kissed your cheek and left with the boys back to the living room. 

Zayn: You had a rough day at work, and all you wanted to do was go home and cuddle with your boyfriend, Zayn. You opened your front door tiredly, and threw your purse and keys into the bowl by the door. “Zayn, I’m home!” you called, kicking off your shoes. You didn’t hear a response. “Zayn?” you said, walking up the stairs. Thinking he was asleep, you opened the door to your shared bedroom quietly. He was laying on the bed, pants half down, jerking off. He flung his head back, pumping faster, moaning. It was hot, but you didn’t want him to know you were watching him, so you pretended you didn’t see anything. “Whoa! Sorry babe!” you said, closing the door. He got up and walked towards you. “Stay.” He said, eyes dark with lust. “I need you (Y/N)”. He kicked off his jeans and kissed you hungrily. He pulled off your dress quickly, and…well…you know where things headed. ;)

Niall: You had just pulled into the driveway of your flat, excited to see your boyfriend Niall. You were out with friends all day, and you missed him so much! You ran inside and kicked off your shoes, heading upstairs. You heard the shower running, and you decided to sneak up on him. You tiptoed towards the bathroom and opened the door, walking in. The curtain to the shower wasn’t closed all the way, so you saw some of Niall’s naked body. You leaned to the side to see more of him, and you saw him leaned against the wall, eyes closed, hand sliding up and down on his shaft. He was moaning your name. You were so turned on by this, you felt yourself getting wet. You reached under your skirt and into your underwear. “Ughh (Y/N)…” Niall moaned again, and you started rubbing circles around your clit. You continued this, not knowing Niall had noticed you, and was watching you. You looked up and saw him staring. “Oh…” you said, stopping. “Hi Niall.” He stepped out of the shower and brought you into the bedroom, kissing you. Let’s just say, you both had trouble walking the next day.

Liam: You were sitting outside with your boyfriend Harry, and his friends Niall, Louis, and Zayn. Liam wasn’t there, but you weren’t sure where he had gone off to. It was hot outside, so you wanted  to go inside and get something to drink. You pulled yourself off of Harry’s lap. “Be right back.” you said, heading towards the door. “Okay babe” he replied. You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup. You opened the fridge to grab some lemonade when you heard noises from the other room. You closed the fridge to go see where or who it was coming from. You walked through the living room towards a spare bedroom and put your ear to the door. That’s where the noise was coming from. It was…moaning? Nervous of what you would find, you opened the door quickly to see Liam, sitting on a love seat with no pants on, jerking off. “OH MY LORD,” you yelled. “Oh, (Y/N), sorry I didn’t know you came inside!” he said, embarrassed. “And I didn’t know you were so…big..” you said quietly, hoping he didn’t notice. He blushed, hearing you perfectly. “Th-Thanks”. You smiled a little and blushed. “Sorry again.” you laughed. “No biggy” he said, and you left. You got your drink and went back outside, sitting next to Harry. “You alright?” he said, putting his arm around your waist. You simply nodded and kissed him on the cheek, smiling to yourself.

Louis: Your boyfriend Louis had just returned back from tour, and you were spending as much time with him as possible. You were heading home from school when you got a text. It was from him! ‘babe get home as soon as possible, i need you!' You laughed to yourself and replied 'on my way ;)' You pulled into your driveway and walked into your house. “Lou I'm home!” you called. “Be right there, love!” he replied, his voice husky. “You alright babe?” you said, walking towards the stairs. “Y-Yeah. I'll be right down”. He sounded strange so you went up to see what he was up to. You peeked into the room and saw him holding his phone in one hand, his other hand pumping his erection. You walked into the room and grabbed his wrist. “Need help, Lou?” you said sexily. Before he could answer you were on the floor, his length in your mouth. He came quickly, and you bobbed your head slowly a couple more times before pulling out. “I missed you,” Louis sad before pulling you into a kiss. “I can see that!” you said, looking at his phone. On it was a picture of you in a slutty maid dress from last halloween. He just laughed and kissed you again. “I missed you too baby.” you smiled.

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